Your Waltham Dentist Making Fabrications Faster

Our on-site dental lab New England Creative Dental Arts allows us to fabricate all porcelain restorations within our Waltham, MA office. We use Cadcam technology along with classic porcelain techniques to create crowns, bridges, and veneers. The lab is conveniently located downstairs from the office, allowing us to have complete control over the color, shape, and fit of the restorations we make. This control makes our practice unique.

We are staffed with a lab assistant, master dental technician and Dr. Cummings. Dr. Cummings does much of the work in order to provide his patients with the best. We are able to fabricate high quality veneers in as little as three days. Patients traveling to the area appreciate this so that their time in temps is minimal and they can return home quickly.

Our on-site lab does not provide restorations for dentists outside of this practice. Its mission is to enhance the care provided for Dr. Cummings' patients. Our commitment is to you.

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