Our Dental Lab- New England Creative Dental Arts

dental lab waltham maOur on-site dental lab, New England Creative Dental Arts allows us to fabricate all porcelain restorations within our Waltham, MA office. We use state-of-the-art computer design technology along with classic porcelain techniques to create crowns, bridges, and veneers. The lab is conveniently located downstairs from the office, giving us complete control over the color, shape, and fit of the restorations we make. Please see entire process below.

                                                                        pat waltham dental lab

Pat runs our lab.  She is incredibly gifted with design and applying ceramics producing incredibly high-quality restorations for our patients only- we do not take outside work!

dr cummings new england dental lab

Dr. Cummings also does lab work, specifically the diagnostic mock-up.  We begin with photos and study models and it is his job to convert the models into the smile patients want.  He is committed to creating the blueprint for the entire case.

boston dental laboratory

This is a porcelain station for the creation of porcelain restorations.

The Process


Step 1:

Dr. Cummings begins with these photos, and from this, he fills out the prescription.


Case 1 Dental Lab Work



Step 2: 

Dr. Cummings creates the diagnostic model which we use as the blueprint.

Diagnostic Model


Step 3:

Dr. Cummings fabricates temps, as shown below. Note that they mimic the blueprint.

Case 3 Dental Lab



Step 4:

The final restorations are in place, which are duplicates of the temps.

case 4 dental lab


This process guarantees satisfaction because it depends upon your approval of the blueprint and the temps when they are placed.