Dental Bridges

A Bridge is a Great Choice for Improving Your Smile

As a top Boston area cosmetic dental Practice, we take pride in giving patients immediate, noninvasive solutions to teeth that need to extracted, especially if missing tooth or teeth show when smiling. This is why we offer dental bridges as an option.

dental bridge

This patient is missing 2 teeth, can you tell which teeth are missing?

dental bridge

This patient is missing 4 teeth.

dental bridge

This is a great image to show the replacement of a front tooth. If you are going to lose a front tooth, a bridge is an excellent option.

Keep reading if you’re interested in this permanent, non-invasive solution.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth by using the support of neighboring teeth. It looks to most so natural that no one can tell that a tooth or teeth were ever lost.

Why Do You Need a Dental Bridge?

We believe a dental bridge is a great choice if you are going to lose or are missing a tooth/teeth that show when you smile. It is a simpler solution and also a less invasive option than dental implants.

What is the Dental Bridge Procedure Like?

A dental bridge procedure most closely resembles a crown/cap procedure. Our team is highly skilled in this area making the procedure comfortable and there is rarely any post operative discomfort.

Should You Get a Dental Bridge?

If you are missing a tooth that shows in your smile or are about to lose one that shows you will be best served by having a complimentary consult with us. Please fee free to schedule online or call (781) 894-4114.

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