Emergency Dentistry

Common Dental Emergencies


We define a toothache as a tooth that hurts, requiring medication like Aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil. The pain from the toothache may keep you up at night.

Patients with toothaches should call (781) 894-4114 today!

Treatment: Often, patients with toothaches will have two choices - extract or save the tooth. It's impossible to determine whether a patient has these choices without coming in for an emergency exam, where an x-ray will often provide the answers.

Root Canal Therapy

Despite its reputation as a painful ordeal, a root canal is actually not very uncomfortable. Typically, it takes less than one hour. During the procedure, the damaged pulp is removed, the root canal is cleaned and sealed off.

Broken Tooth

Teeth sometimes break or crack, and there can be a tremendous difference with what can be done.

Treatment: Most broken teeth can be saved, but not all. Patients that break their teeth should call immediately to have the broken tooth checked and learn about their options.


Crowns can fall or break off.

Treatment: Call to make an appointment to have it checked to see if the crown can be recemented or if more work is required.

Facial Swelling

This is a sign of infection and should be checked immediately, if not by a dentist, then by an urgent health care center.

Cosmetic Emergency

Something happening to the front of your teeth, so that your comfort with smiling is challenged.

Treatment: Most often cosmetic emergencies can be handled the same day, so patients don't have to be embarrassed for a number of days.

Tooth Sensitivity

Patients often see this as an emergency, but it's really not as urgent as the above concerns. Patients should pay attention to sensitivity, but also need to appreciate that it can be transient and disappear. Typically, it's best to wait for a few days to see if it goes away.

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