Optimal General Dentistry

Dentistry for Confidence, Health and Function

Your dentist in Waltham, Dr. Cummings, offers an array of general dentistry procedures aimed at stabilizing your bite, insuring strong teeth, healthy gums and a smile you are proud of. Please contact us today for more information.

Stable Bite

Teeth are designed to fit together when you close. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not putting unwanted pressure on some, no contact on others, pain upon chewing, headaches, cold sensitivity and much more. We believe that the relationship of how bottom and top teeth meet is paramount to oral health. Treatment is most often noninvasive, does not require novacaine and takes only 1 or 2 visits.

Strong Teeth

Teeth are meant to be strong and not break or hurt. We have experience in root canal therapy which allows us to alleviate the pain from a a tooth ache immediately. Additionally, we have been restoring teeth with crowns and fillings that can last over 25 years.

Healthy Gums

We now know that gum health is related to your overall health. Dr. Darviche, our onsite Periodontist, is an expert and an incredible resource for our patients as she understands how to reach health most often non surgically. Our patients deserve optimal care for a lifetime.

Confident Smile

This is a personal choice and can be as simple as whitening teeth to more extensive treatments.

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