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Here are a few reviews from happy patients.
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I wish I could give his practice more stars…

I wish I could give his practice more stars. Office is impeccably clean, super kind staff, and Dr. Cummings bed side manner is second to none. Dr. Cummings was the first dentist to address the over all health of my mouth as well as my aspirations for a nicer smile. Today was the first time in 16 years I felt like I was listened to and am hopeful that I will now be able to achieve the smile of my dreams. Thank you Dr. Cummings!

Linda K

Dr. Cummings’ work is truly exceptional…

Dr. Cummings work is truly exceptional and I owe every compliment on my gorgeous smile to him. Most recently I went in for a crown. The color of my tooth is a perfect match to the rest of my teeth and the shape is just right. Having an onsite lab makes all the difference in the world as there is very little time between when I had the temporary put on and when I received the permanent crown. His staff is also outstanding and makes you feel at ease. I wouldn’t go anywhere else even if it means driving 3 hours from Maine.

Kelly A

My husband really liked him…

My husband gets very nervous when he has to go to the dentist. Dr. Cummings was recommended to us by a friend and my husband really liked him. He put him at ease, got the work done, and my husband wasn’t miserable afterwords.

Tiffany T

I can’t really say enough good things…

I can’t really say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Cummings. The process was unhurried and very thorough, the result was exceptional, even for a difficult case like mine. I was treated so fairly and so well, and the technical and ‘artistic’ work creating and placing the teeth doesn’t get much better. An exceptional dentist and staff.

Bob K

I highly recommend Dr. Cummings…

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Cummings in June 2014. I had five fillings and my bite adjusted, all in one visit. I have to say my bite has never felt better. The fillings are tooth colored and look great. I highly recommend Dr. Cummings and will definitely be coming back.


Needless to say I was very pleased…

I came to Dr. Cummings because he had worked on my daughter’s teeth. We were very pleased. The best part about it was the change was profound, however very subtle, no one would never know. To us it was simply amazing. I decided I would go to Dr. Cummings myself, not meeting him before, there was no doubt in my mind that he would do a great job. Therefore, when I made an appointment I didn’t want a consult only; I requested that the work to be done on the same day. Needless to say I was very pleased. Another great job done by Dr. Cummings.


Keep inspiring others to achieve what I have achieved…

My experience with Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, Pat and Sally was educational, professional and most importantly they all created a relaxing atmosphere for me to achieve the results needed to move forward with accomplishing a beautiful smile! This is something I have wanted for over 20 years! Thank you all for being passionate about what you all do. Keep inspiring others to achieve what I have achieved. Warm regards to all of you.


I’m meeting the god of dentistry…

I just made my appointment. I’m so excited and scared! By reading the reviews I am hoping my life will change after my consult appointment as I’m meeting the god of dentistry! I called today to make sure I had my appointment correct and the woman who answered the phone remembered me! Wow! What a great start! I will keep everyone posted! I just pray he can help me!


The work was very fast and very professional…

Dr. Cummings replaced my upper dentures and two bridges on my lower. The work was very fast and very professional. Dr. Cummings created a personal connection with me and made me feel very welcomed and comfortable through the entire procedure. I highly reccomend his services.


Dr. Cummings is an impressive diagnostician…

Dr. Cummings is an impressive diagnostician. I was referred to him for those skills, and he didn’t disappoint. He had to correct other dentists’ mistakes and has been able to diagnose unusual problems quite accurately. He takes his work seriously, staying current with research releases and doing his own inquiries in his lab. He is knowledgeable and personable– has a “big personality” and that sure is refreshing in his field. And, he will listen to the patient’s requests in terms of what the patient needs and wants to get through a procedure. That’s very important to quality care.

About Front Desk: Over the top! Personable, there to be of service, listens, cares, and resolves problems with insurance companies if they arise. Always accommodating. A pleasure to work with on dental office matters.

About Hygienist: The hygienist responsibilities are assumed by junior associates in his practice. Outstanding work.


I am over the moon thrilled with the results…

I had been living with loose front teeth for many year. I had many, (5 or 6) dentist try to remedy my situation the result were let me say less than attractive to say the least. Through the years I kept searching for someone that could resolve this issue and at the same time restore my smile. Dr. Cummings was absolutely amazing I hope that he posts my before and after pictures because they speak for themselves. I could not possibly be happier I am over the moon thrilled with the results. The whole experience was amazing his staff makes you feel like you are related just part of the family. I truly can not say enough about how wonderful everyone has been. they have all played an important part in helping me get my smile back it feels amazing and I can’t thank them enough.

About Front Desk: She is amazing goes well beyond the job requirements. its like walking into a long lost relatives home. You feel so welcomed and cared for immediately. Every doctors office should have someone like her working for them.

About Hygienist: Loved her she was so personable, warm and caring she helped make the experience just that much more comfortable.

Sandi M

Dr. Cummings and his staff are absolutely phenomenal…

Dr. Cummings and his staff are absolutely phenomenal! I had a dead tooth and needed a root canal – it was a breeze and Dr. Cummings was able to maintain the structure of the tooth so that I didn’t need a crown or veneer and he was able to bring the color back to match the rest of my teeth through bleaching. If anything, I’d say my front teeth look better than they did before! I will definitely be back for any other unplanned or planned restorative procedures!

Rachel M

Dr. Cummings is a skillful dentist that enjoys his work…

Well pleased with Dr. J and his team. I went to three dentists for consultations. Two felt like they were doing me a favour. Dr. J offered me options, one of which I was not mentioned at the other dentists. Soon I had my smile back with a new bridge skillfully applied, at a much better price than I had been quoted elsewhere. Dr. Cummings is a skillful dentist that enjoys his work. His staff are sincere, efficient, and convivial. I will, like MacArthur, return.

Robert C

Dr. Cummings is such a pleasure to work with…

Dr. Cummings is such a pleasure to work with! He’s upfront about everything, takes the time to explain every step of the way, and makes sure to get the perfect match with his bridges

Amy L

Dr. Cummings immediately made me feel at ease…

I’ve had major fears of dentists. It’s a place I would rather avoid but realistically not possible. When I first met Dr. Cummings he immediately made me feel at ease, many other dentists I felt would speak down to me or not give me many choices. Dr Cummings to me was a miracle worker I was comfortable never in pain, he was extremely professional and I would recommend him and his office staff to anyone. I’ve been a patient for 11 years and am willing to travel the hour commute to get there. I would give him a 10 star review. Simply amazing and I’m beyond pleased with his work.

Rachel R

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